10 Best Underrated Horror & Sci-Fi Films

Need a recommendation for something to watch? Weird and obscure movies are my PASSION, so allow me to indulge it by taking you through 10 of my favorite lesser-known horror and sci-fi film gems.

The tingler
Tingler 1959
Vincent price
Vincent price movies
The beast must die
Beast must die 1974
Werewolf detective
Thirst 1979
Thirst vampire
Australian vampire
Elvira mistress of the dark
Elvira movie
Elvira 1988
Arena movie
Arena 1989
Wristcutters a love story
Wristcutters 2006
Los cronocrimenes
Nacho vigalondo
Spanish science fiction
Spanish sci fi
Bad biology
Bad biology 2008
Always watching
Always watching 2015
Marble hornets
Marble hornets movie
Slenderman movie
The void
The void 2016
Lovecraft movies
Obscure movies
Horror movies
Science fiction movies
Sci fi movies
Underrated movies
Forgotten movies
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