15 Secret Messages In Famous Logos

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A picture says a thousand words and logo designers know it. This is why they hid secret messages in a picture that seems to be really simple at first sight. Sometimes, it is just another way to represent their products, but there can also be an interesting story behind this. Some of them spend one million dollars on a new logo, and others find out that there is something hidden in the picture even if it was not their intention. And you will get the chance to see all of them because today, we are showing you 15 secret messages in famous logos.

Have you heard about Apple’s story? Alan Turing is one of the men who worked on the first computers. Unfortunately, his work was not recognized, and people forced him to cure his homosexuality, so he ended his life by biting in an apple full of cyanide. Many people believe that this is why the apple in the logo is bitten and sometimes really colorful. But you will be surprised to hear that this story is not true! You’ll have to watch our video to know the real reason why this logo was designed like that.

Stay tuned to hear more about famous logos of Pinterest, Toyota, Adidas, Beats, Wikipedia, GameCube, Roxy, Formula 1, NBC, Hyundai, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola. Once you see these secret messages, you will think about it every time you see these logos. Do you think that there are really secret messages or people are just making up stories to make it more interesting? Tell us what you think in the comments section down below.

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