2000-watt society

2000-watt society
The 2000-watt society is an environmental vision, first introduced in 1998 by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich ETH Zurich, which pictures the average First World citizen reducing their overall average primary energy usage to no more than 2,000 watts 48 kilowatt-hours per day by the year 2050 – and without lowering their standard of living
The concept addresses not only personal or household energy use, but the total for the whole society, including embodied energy, divided by the population
Two thousand watts is approximately the current world average rate of total primary energy use This compares to averages of around 6,000 watts in western Europe, 12,000 watts in the United States,1 1,500 watts in China, 1,000 watts in India, 500 watts in South Africa and only 300 watts in Bangladesh2 Switzerland itself, currently using an average of around 5,000 watts, was last a 2000-watt society in the 1960s
It is further envisaged that the use of carbon based fuels would be ultimately cut to no more than 500 watts per person within 50 to 100 years
The vision was developed 2000-watt society
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