7 dates when the world will probably end.

When the world will end? discovery it on this video.

Numerous scientists and theologians claim to know the exact date on which the world may come to an end.
If you wish to know the exact dates, and what is going to occur, I invite you to stay in this video Titled: the seven most accurate dates in which possibly the world will end.
Number 7.
March 16, 2880.
The planet earth is located in an area of permanent threats.
One of these threats, is already on its way. It is the asteroid named as 1950 AD. This asteroid is considered to have the highest possibility of colliding with the earth.
With a diameter of 1, 3 kilometers and moving at a speed of 15 kilometers per second, this space object is the most threatening.
Studies of NASA scientists claim that the impact zone of this asteroid would be the Atlantic Ocean; this could cause an explosion equivalent to 44800 megatons of TNT. This would be enough to destroy the Earth.
This event would occur on March 16, 2880. Even though there are still many years before this happening takes place, it is creating continuous alarm for the NASA.
Number 6.
Year 2100
Each day around 367 thousand people are born in the world.
Human population grows increasingly while the earth's resources are gradually depleted.
According to a study published in the magazine "Sustainability", such resources would come to an end within 83 years which would mean the final of human life.

Number 5.
Year 2060.
Many persons have dared to foresee when the world will end.
However, one of the greatest physicists in history, Isaac Newton, is the most outstanding who came to predict that the world's decline will occur in 2060.
This revelation is written in a letter found some years ago.

Number 4.
February 5th 2040.
The universe has plenty of asteroids that could destroy the world.
Threats are real and new hazards against the earth are constantly being discovered.
The turn is now for an asteroid called "2011 ag5". It could be the next one in line to end with this planet.

Number 3.
April 13, 2036.
We should not care about viruses or the food scarcity because what we really should worry about is for the asteroids. Asteroids have the power to eliminate civilizations completely.
They already did it with dinosaurs, and now mankind could be the next.
One out of the 800 hazardous objects for the earth, is especially worrisome
The asteroid Apophis is an object that has 400 meters in diameter and moves dangerously to the earth.
Some claim that the impact would happen in the year 2036, and they recommend being alert.

Number 2.
Year 2030.
The extreme environmental degradation in which we find ourselves today
The last great natural catastrophes which our planet earth has faced would be the cause that by year 2030 only 20% of the human population will survive.
According to the celebrated scientist James Lovelock, water, electricity and air will only be accessible to the richest.

Year 2021.
Forgetting about asteroids and environmental catastrophes we have a new theory about the end of the world.
Based on an ancient prophecy, a number of apocalyptic events such as floods, earthquakes, plagues and deadly epidemics will result in the end of the world, in the year 2021
Experts indicate that some biblical texts reveal that the world will witness Armageddon, an event known among Christians as the second coming of Jesus.
Dr. Beshore, a theology expert assures that his predictions are based on hidden messages contained in the bible. Also he warns that humanity must be ready because the worst will come in 2021.

Number 0.
February 1st 2019
A new asteroid is coming but different to the others, this one is really huge. The asteroid nt7, and which is within the earth orbit, is the closest menace we have today.
This asteroid with a diameter of 4 kilometers could wipe out an entire continent and cause severe climatic changes if it were to impact on the Earth.
According to astronomers, this asteroid should pass close to Earth, on February 1, 2019.
While it is true that many asteroids circulate near the Earth only a few have a great chance of impacting our planet. However, we must keep the eyes open because bad luck can play us a dirty trick.

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