After Being Told She Couldn’t Run A Marathon, This Woman Lost 83 Pounds To Prove Them Wrong

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Name: Christie Dougherty Age: 25 Occupation: Law Student Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey Started Running: Seven years ago Starting Weight: 230 pounds Current Weight: 147 pounds I was 18 years old and 230 pounds.I was unhappy and realized after my freshman year of college that I needed to change my lifestyle.I come from a family of marathoners, but in 2012 when I told everyone I wanted to run my first marathon, I was told I couldn’t and wouldn’t do it—by family, friends, and even professors in front of my whole class.I took that adversity and have run the Marine Corps Marathon five years in a row, competed in six half marathons, and lost 83 pounds along the way.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Running is my main activity, but I play golf throughout the summer.I run four to five days per week, but if I’m training it is closer to five to six days.It's typically indoor at the gym when I’m not training.The most rewarding part about running has been learning what I’m capable of.I was constantly told that I couldn’t run a marathon, and seven years later, I’ve learned that running isn’t just something physical I do to stay in shape—it has helped me understand who I am as a person.MORE: 6 Types of People Who Might Be Able to Help You Lose Weight I grew up in a very healthy household.My parents have both run marathons and were always very health conscious.But I rebelled against this lifestyle, for no reason except that I was a teenager and didn’t want to be told what to do anymore.I gained a lot of my weight during high school, particularly during the years sitting for the SATs and preparing college applications.It also didn’t help that I was the target of a lot of bullying.
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