All Terrain Hill Climb Racing by Tranquility Interactive - Android Gameplay

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All Terrain: Hill Trials is one of the most exciting and new realistic racing games in history for kids and adults! Drive up and down to the mountain, rush uphill on cool cars and travel to the most remote corners of the earth!

You will experience the adrenaline of high-speed lifting and unique landscapes at the wheel of various cars for free. Upgrade and race your car to improve results, also you can get bonuses for doing dangerous tricks up and down to the mountain, rush uphill or downhill, and collect them to rock your car and reach even greater heights.


- Many different cool offroad cars, jeeps 4x4 with unique pumping capabilities for racers. Bikes will be in next updates.
- You can update the following parts: engine, suspension, tires, transmission and drive for free.
- Numerous stages with game levels for drivers, different surfaces and landscapes, which you can touch: mountains and rivers.
- Excellent graphics and perfect physical simulation for racer.
- Graphics are well adapted for devices.
- Realistic turbo sound after pumping the engine by driver.
- Cool effects.

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