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Hey girls and guys !!

Our new video is Out !! We want to create a story with romance, action , comedy , adventure and thriller and that can be made with your support and reviews !!
I am uploading this animations because I want everyone to know my stories !! I find animation are best way to elaborate your stories !! Not just mine I want you all also to like and share my videos . If you also dislike our video then kindly please comment down in the comment box your feed back so as to improve our way to explore more stories . And don't forget to subscribe .
As you can see Rohan and Rubi , two yougsters fall in love with each other .Earlier they met at DaDa's Diner for lunch and Rohan had an exam of PGDCA . And later Rubi , ended up calculating his marks as zero(0). Now , Rohan invited rubi for a Date .
Lets see how they ended up their date ?
Will they be able to look forward for a relationship or Ended up with break up.
So as to know the story just check out this video !!

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