Best Soccer Fake Injuries

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We love soccer because it’s an entertaining game that can get intense, have drama, great goals and of course like any other sport never ending rivalries and the best crowds in the world.

There’s another reason we like soccer so much and that is because of the best soccer fake injuries you’re about to see in this video compilation.

Players fake injuries in order to gain advantage on the field and during the game, yet when they get caught on camera and live in front of millions of fans in the stadiums and at home, it can be real funny and embarrassing for them.

It doesn’t matter if these are unknown or young players or even great superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Figo, Owen and other great players today and in the past, we bring you some of the best soccer fake injuries over the years.

We hope you enjoy this video compilation and if you know of more great soccer fake injuries, please share with us and let’s open a discussion who’s the greatest faker of them all.

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