BRAVE SOLDAT // School play // WW2 romantic drama

When the peace of family de Vries is disturbed by the German forces which occupied the Netherlands in 1940, a German soldier named Friedrich comes to live with the family.
The soldier and the daughter of the family, named Lena, get into a secret relationship. However, the German commander "Untersturmführer Schräder" also fancy's the jong lady and gives her no choice but to be by his side...

Friedrich Müller - Liam Van der Linden
Werner Schräder - Thom Deckers
Lena de Vries - Femke Kockelkorn
Jacob de Vries - Mick Duschak
Martha de Vries - Sofie van Brug

Writer / director:
Femke Kockelkorn

With English subtitles

"Brave soldat" is German for "good soldier"

Thanks for watching!!!
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