Celtic Punk "Smoking Gunn Part Deux" with Paddy Rock Podcast #366

Celtic Punk returns to the podcast with The Grinning Beggar hosting from Paddy Rock radio. Enjoy Celtic music from The Muckers, Sir Reg, Paddy And The Rats, The Killigans, The Mighty Regis, Fiddler's Green, Firkin, The Ramshackle Army, Medusa's Wake, The Real McKenzies, The Mahones, The Porters, Hoist the Colors, Mr. Irish Bastard, The Peelers, 1916, Kilmaine Saints. https://celticmusicpodcast.com/

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THIS WEEK IN CELTIC MUSIC 0:08 "Molly" by The Muckers from The Muckers

6:30 "Fight Of Our Lives" by Sir Reg from Single

10:08 "Black Sails" by Paddy And The Rats from Riot City Outlaws

13:26 "Burn It Down" by The Killigans from Dance on Your Grave

17:34 "Molly Malone's" by The Mighty Regis from Another Nickel for the Pope

21:33 "The Night Pat Murphy Died" by Fiddler's Green from 25 Blarney Roses


27:02 "Those Irish Punk Girls" by Firkin from We Are the Ones

30:32 "Road Less Travelled" by The Ramshackle Army from Letters From The Road Less Travelled

34:04 "Convicts Tale" by Medusa's Wake from Rascals and Rogues

38:45 "Northwest Passage" by The Real McKenzies from Two Devils Will Talk

42:15 "Paddy on the Railway" by The Mahones from The Hunger; The Fight


46:48 "Son of This Town" by The Porters from Rum, Bum and Violina

50:55 "Dance Through the Days" by Hoist the Colors from Miles to Go Before We Sleep

54:07 "Black Eye Friday" by Mr. Irish Bastard from The Desire for Revenge

58:23 "I'm off to Kill the Devil" by The Peelers from Palace of the Fiend

1:02:28 "Guns of 16" by 1916 from Far Beyond the Pale


1:07:23 "Last Call" by Kilmaine Saints from Whiskey Blues and Faded Tattoos

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Welcome to both the denizens of Paddy Rock and The Irish and Celtic Music Podcast! This is another a very special episode As is seemingly becoming a yearly tradition Marc Gunn asked me to put together a Celtic Punk episode for him again this year. Being that Celtic is in my wheelhouse I would be remiss not to accept such an excellent opportunity to help spread the love. Admittedly the most difficult thing is keeping the show PG but I think accomplished this again this year! So thanks to Marc for having me, thanks to the listeners of the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast for listening and Cheers to all the Paddy Rockers worldwide for your love and support. And in case I haven't mentioned it enough if you ware planning to attend the Get Shamrocked festival this year make sure you get over to www.GetShamrocked.com and use your code paddyrock2018 for a $10 discount on your tickets! Enjoy your summer folks, stay cool and stay safe! If you like what you have heard here please check out www.PaddyRock.com for more.

As always thanks for listening ~ Phil (aka The Grinning Beggar)

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