Cinema 4D Documentary animation- The Voyager mission

A 5 min Cinema 4D animation documentary about the Voyager mission.

Launched forty years ago last autumn, the twin spacecraft Voyagers 1 and 2 which set out to explore the outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) and their moons, are now heading away from the solar system, beyond the reach of the heliosphere into interstellar space, some 13 and 10 billion miles from Earth respectively.
The data captured by Voyager has fundamentally changed our understanding of not only the outer planets but also of the solar system and our place within it. The ambition and scale of the mission has had a profound influence on popular culture and the public engagement with science, both of which were catalysed by the spacecraft carrying a ‘message in a bottle’ in the form of the ‘Sounds of Earth’ gold discs – messages to other beings should either spacecraft ever encounter intelligent life.

A visual outcome in response to an aspect or aspects of the Voyager mission. This can be interpretive/abstract or something more informational. You are encouraged to go beyond mere ‘reporting’ and to use your skills as a visual communicator to engage and inspire your audience.

You will be exploring the 4 outer planets.
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