Commentary on Being a Gamer in a Postmodernist P.C. Society by Maganja Mario

This video is about Being a gamer in a postmodernist Politically Correct society. It can be difficult to speak out when silence seems to be the only remedy given to us by peers. Yet it is odd to see this movement extend into our favorite. Come with me as we dig deep into this social phenomenon as it engulfs gaming as its next victim.

s there is a big pool of varied types of gamers in our industry who are at different maturation processes in life. Yet there is at the same time an inherent hypocrisy to the gamer/gaming subculture. Mainly, the gamer subculture can be rebellious and nonconforming ( ex gamers gate, dark hack groups, 4Chan, and ironically created Mods) and politically incorrect for the sake of calling out political correctness. But it can also be business friendly. And There is also an intellectual sect of this subculture that questions anti consumer practices of the industry. Also inversely the gaming community can be sheeplike and overly apologetic and business friendly for faceless heartless corporations that seek only profits. Gamers who cry out for more corporate welfare or considerations for “business interests.”

I can’t tell you how many times I see gamers in the comments section I see gamers rationalizing business decisions like they owned stocks in that mother fcuker
An analogy again, if your a modern gamer who only knows modern gaming well as it stands right now the current environment is like the equivalent of being in only bad relationships your whole dating life and not knowing any better

Gameplay and emphasis on game play mechanics
Visual flair

PS N64 ERa
This ages games differently as there were emphasis on two different spectrums of gaming.
We know who won, this sets the stage for the current hardware battle.
Game consoles use to sell at a loss now they are sold for a minor profits game consoles use to out perform PCs albeit for only a year or two.
When the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 launched, they were quite ahead of the PC hardware, that was the standard at that time. It is a opposite situation now where both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are using off-the-shelf part for their hardware, mixed with various customizations to the CPU/GPU and RAM, and all packed neatly in a casing. Both can be compared to either mid to high-end PCs.

More notes:
No, this has always happened. PS4/XB1 was the first generation that basically threw quality to the wind and decided to sell at a minor loss/minor profit. Previous to that generation, consoles usually went nuts. They often sold at a major loss and had insane potential (which developers eventually figured out, since their architectures were all wildly different). The whole trend of "Sell a console full of old hardware for a profit." is relatively new, aside from Nintendo post-Gamecube era.
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