Community Values – Gravity Martial Arts (part one)

This is part one of explaining the community values upon which Gravity Martial Arts is founded. Our culture is values-driven. Our values reflect the foundation of our community: our staff, students, and families.

Part Two:

Community Values
▪️We strengthen each other through respect.
▪️We promote honesty and integrity.
▪️We foster a culture of acceptance.
▪️We are a safe place.
▪️We are leaders through service.
▪️We encourage a positive mindset.
▪️We celebrate individual progress.
▪️We live a healthy lifestyle: physically, mentally, and spirituality.
▪️We grow through regular training and personal development.
▪️We are fiscally healthy and responsible.
▪️We leave our training facility, our community, and our world better than we found it.

Gravity Martial Arts
We better ourselves to better our world.
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