Design, Build, Monetize Blog online course

Blogging for 10 years now, has been one of the turning points of my life.

Leaving home at 27, learning blogging at 29 and starting a business was my 'escape' from mundane living.

God in his Mercy, sustained me through the journey of self and building resilience to follow my path in life...

I have come of age. Looking back, I see things I wished someone taught me to make my blogging journey easy...

From growing my blog, from baby steps to a phenomenal business empire and still working on it...

I know the pains.

The travails.

The disappointments.

The late nights.

The health challenges.

And the brokeness that comes from trying to figure out how to run a successful online business using a blog platform.

My experience as one of Africa's s pioneer blogging coaches, 6 years now and counting, has exposed me to what blog enthusiasts need.

That is why since November 2008, I have been working on my first transformational blogging online course.

With this academy, I'm building,

Location is no barrier

It's Affordable

It's Convenient

It's Easy

It's 100% practical

It's Money back guarantee that you'd make money blogging

And lots more are what this 90 days course offers.

Before you say, I'm writing long speech 😁, here is the details to enrol before February rolls by...

Register now for:

Design, Build, and Monetize blog online course, by enrolling here
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