Draft Mule saved from a Kill Pen,

Sweet Soul was destined for slaughter. I rescued this wonderful "Old Soul". He has worked for 20 years, plowing and pulling for his farmers only to be taken on the next journey...the Kill Pen. He has worked hard though out his life, never complaining and always obeying and doing what he was ask of him. Did he ever receive a thank you? A kind word? A scratch or and apple?
There was something in those soulful eyes that touched mt heart, Something said you MUST save this gentle soul. His eyes tell the story...and that is why I wanted to give him the life he deserves...I wanted to heal his broken spirit. He is safe now and most important he is FREE from the horrible threat of slaughter. After traveling 5,338 miles to his forever home he is finally FREE.
"The spirit of those we leave behind live on in those we save."
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