Ebira part1 - DYI Samurai Kyudo & Yabusame quiver - Ancient Japanese archery quiver

This is part 1 of how I make an Ebira a.k.a. Japanese quiver used by Samurai and Yabusame. I searched for something like a blueprint, but can't find anything. So I started constructing one myself, trying to refer to little pictures Google presented me.

I used:

14 cm. wide by 6 mm thick Maple
An arrow shaft (Birchwood in this case) 90 cm.
Triangular wood rod
Wood glue
2-component epoxy adhesive
Malleable wood
Embossingpowder and -medium
Soaked Wick
Water based stain

Sawing table
A heavy Kettlebelt
Miter box & handsaw
120-400 grid sandpaper
0000 steel wool
Cotton pads
Old rag

The size of the tray is 14 x 14,6 x 9,5/15 cm.

Part 2 coming soon...
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