google io summary|google lens preview| google maps update| gmail smart compose

In video have summarized the Google I/O for the year 2018 with real demo example such as How to use the google lens preview, how to turn on the smart compose on GMAIL, call appointment with hair saloon, the google i/o highlights is been covered.

The outline of the talk is
1. Healthcare - diabetic retinopathy
2. Accessibility to world
3. New Gmail features-smart compose, how to enable and use this
4. 6 New voice to google assistance
5. Smart camera
6.Android-P -Predict the next 4 application can be used by user.
7. Google lens for android- how to use this and its really fantastic. Had shown for captured images.
8. Copy paste feature in google lens
9. Match style- can search the similar products found on shopping mall in the internet by just clicking a photo
10. Self driving/ controlling car- Machine learning algorithm is predict the nature of the external vehicle and take decision to accelerate or de-accelerate.

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