Grade 9: Assembly, Indian Politics

The students of Grade 9 used our Assembly schedule on February 2, 2019 to present our views on Indian Politics. We presented a play, one filled with satirical humour that was meant to inspire the students to make India a better place and take a stand for themselves. It was well received and brought out fits of hysterical laughter from the attentive audience, with our experienced performers mastering the art of improvisation and expression. We also had two video presentations, one that instilled patriotic fervour and another that strung together responses from the teacher and student community on what they thought was the one thing they would like to change in Indian politics
The endless hours of practice helped us perfect our flaws and under the persistent guidance of our teachers we were able to represent the Indian Political system in all of its humorous glory. All in all it was an unforgettable experience and we’re glad we got the chance to do a topic as bold as this one!

The students of Grade 9 had their assembly based on India politics on 2nd February 2019. In particular, they focused on corruption in politics . It is a form of dishonesty or criminal activity undertaken by a person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire illicit benefit. The students of Grade 9 expressed the topic of corruption in the world through a wonderful and effective skit. Their way of producing ideas and presenting astonishing reality was surprisingly something the audience never thought about. The assembly was an excellent success as it comprised of reality, humour, drama and more. The students of Grade 9 presented a very compelling message on anti-corruption. I personally feel that all the people in the world should understand that integrity, transparency and the fight against corruption have to be part of the culture and they have to be taught as fundamental values. Thank you Grade 9 for enlightening our thoughts with values and integrity.
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