Horse Taxi: Fantasy Western Passenger Transport Gameplay

Horse Taxi: Fantasy Western Passenger Transport Android iPhone Gameplay


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Play this horse taxi simulator and ride your own horse cart taxi in fantasy western village open world area. Your horse passenger transport duty has been started on offroad mountain area. Ride your horse carriage taxi and start pick and drop missions in different areas of beautiful hilly village. Horse Taxi: Fantasy Western Passenger Transport will blow your mind with its beautiful RPG taxi simulation missions. You have lots of horse carriage transporter levels to show your cart riding skills. Horse taxi simulator game have specially designed fantasy western land terrain.

Pick up your cowboy hat and ride your horse cart taxi on uphill offroad mountain area with deadly steep paths and slippery curves. Be the horse transporter taxi rider of majestic travel in open world western land by giving the best ride to the tourist . You need to pick and drop royal family members on your horse passenger transporter cart. The furious wild stallion is trained for the horse carriage and transportation missions of tourist and passengers. So let's start buggy horse taxi riding in horse taxi game.
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