How to Choose your Hakama Size for Aikido, Iaido & Kendo - Comprehensive Guide

This is the fifth video of our product presentation series that we aim to be as educational as possible so you can compare and choose your equipment more easily.

For this fifth one, we are guiding you through the necessary steps to choose the correct size for your Hakama.
Our advice is Aikido oriented but applies to any martial art with rolling and falling Ukemi techniques in which a Hakama is worn.

Blog Article) How to Choose your Hakama:
Blog Article) Embroideries (and translations) on Martial Arts Equipment:
Video) How To Choose your Aikido Hakama - Training vs Tradition Hakama:
Video) Japanese Embroidery on Martial Art Equipment:

Keiko (Training) Tetron Hakama:
Tradition Tetron Hakama:
Keiko Tetron Iaido/Kendo Hakama (Training):
Classic Cotton Iaidogi Jacket 'Waraku':
Shushi' Shiny Black Belt:
Kakuobi Deluxe Cotton:

To avoid large color variations on the viewer screen, we have voluntarily calibrated the image colors on very different screens, with exaggerated settings so colors vary from pastel to vivid tones.
Despite our efforts to accommodate as much screen settings as possible, true colors may vary from what is shown on the video.

--- CREDITS ---
Footage by Seido Co., Ltd.: (en) (jp) (fr)

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