How to Creat Phishing Page For Instagram On Android Mobile

Hey Guys Today i will share knowledge about phissing attack pages and also i will show you how you can creat A Phishing page for instagram

Phissing is a technique to hack anybody's Accont, email, or Steele password money or any other details
Dont be confuse i will tell you how it works

Phissing page is a Clone page i.e fake copy of anywebsite

When you creat a phissing attack page then you generate a link
Whenever someone clicks on that link he will be redirected to page created by you and if he/she entered their details there
Then all the details will be avaialable on your computer or phone
Watch complete video to learn complete about this process

Note : this video is only for education and awareness

We donate support any Illegal activity such as Hacking or steeling details

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