How To Hack Windows with JPG persistence backdoor 2018 : Kali Linux

This is how we can hack windows with jpg with payload binded in it.
Actually when we bind JPG and EXE file together using Winrar, then we create SFX and we set two files in extraction field.
The first extraction field require the name of that file which will execute after extraction, and the second field require file name which will execute before extraction.
As we put JPG in second field in second field by which it will execute first, but JPG will not run and it will give an error because the file we are trying to run doesn't exist in current path.
But the file in the field of "Execute after extraction" will definitly run and that file will be our payload.
This method is useful because we then inject persistence script after creating a session, in this way if user delete the SFX archive, the persistence script will already be installed.
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