I don't play rugby. (Acrylic on canvas) // @PSEUDELLUSION

Meaning of this work:

I don't play rugby (acrylic on canvas)
This is my second painting ever, for my 3rd term art final at Grey High School.
I wanted to create an artwork that represents what I stand for in contrast to what others around me stand for. In my school Rugby is over-praised and over-valued to a disproportionate degree,
whereas, the arts are undervalued and rarely celebrated or encouraged.
The general unspoken understanding in my school is that you need to succeed in Rugby to be celebrated in that system.
I created this artwork, a portrait of me in school uniform but looking very different to how you'd expect a 'Grey-Boy' to look so as to represent that you dont need to exist within the norm or stereotype in order to be successful
and that the system you are in does not define you.
I am a 'Grey-boy' regardless of whether or not I conform to the schools disproportionate value system.

This painting was inspired by a shoot I did with @ironglaciercreative. Check his page out⚘

Luke Rudman
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