Ig'rance Podcast Episode 10: EA 2018 E3 Conference Live Reaction... Sports! Sports! Sports!

Join Derek, Josh, and Tashel as they stumble and fumble into the world of podcasting.

This week, they induct the great Shaquille O’Neal into the “Shaquille O’Neal Ig’rance Walk of Fame” (like that means anything but whatever). Also, they have a fustercluck episode where they attempt to have a normal episode and simultaneously have a live reaction to EA’s E3 conference… good luck with that, guys.

Also, let’s green egg and ham it!

Side-note: Some alternative titles to this week’s episode:

*You Get a Microtransaction! And You Get a Microtransaction!
*Why Are We In Tokyo Again?
*Indonesian Ig’rance
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