Kunamishima Enka - Music Video with Lyrics

This is the music video for my first song of the year "Kunamishima Enka" with on-screen lyrics in both English and Japanese.

Kunamishima (which is written in Kanji as "Sky Wave Island") is a fictional Japanese island, mostly inspired by the mountainous Yakushima in the Kagoshima prefecture.

I was always fascinated with the history and culture of Japan (despite being an Englishman). So, for this year, I aim to expand my understanding of the country's history and even its language (i.e. learning to read and write Kanji symbols).

This song was created as a companion piece to my watercolour landscape painting of the titular island. The melody was heavily influenced by the songs Nobuo Uematsu composed for the Final Fantasy series (namely "Theme of Love" in FFIV and "Dragonsong" in FFXIV).

You can listen to the song alone on Soundcloud at:

Thank you for watching and Happy Valentine's Day! From Britain to Japan with love!


© 2017 Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude, Incognitus Entertainment

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