Mental Health and Communities of Color Panel: NAMI Urban LA Part #1

Mental Health and Communities of Color: A Candid Conversation to Educate, Empower, and Spread Awareness
In honor of May Mental Health Awareness Month. This was a public talk created by Marguerite Alexis Ferrera, School Based Programs Outreach Coordinator at the National Alliance on Mental Illness Urban Los Angeles (NAMI Urban LA) in Leimert Park for the Each Mind Matters Holistic Wellness Day put on by Nina Womack. It was sponsored by NAMI Urban LA ( We touched on why people of color should consider going into medicine, being open to sharing our stories, holistic mental health care, and understanding policy better and knowing your rights. The more we know, the better we can do. Lets keep fighting stigma one day at time, together we are stronger.

*** Please excuse the background noise, as this talk took place in a coffee shop***

The panel features from left to right:

Doc Aswad - 4th Year Medical Student UCLA, future Psychiatrist

Marguerite Alexis Ferrera - Mental Health Advocate at NAMI Urban LA + Musical Artist (

Katrina Long - Holistic Clinical Social Worker and Founder of Manifesting M.E. Wellness Foundation ( and Black Holistic Practitioners in Holistic Mental Health.

Harold Turner - Director of Programs at NAMI Urban LA
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