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Larry; I DO NOT ASK FOR FUNDS or PASSWORDSJul 13, 2018 9:38:44 PM
Admin when will capital be released?

Answer: Once the resolution has been fully tested and enough simulations have been conducted to ensure that everyone is accurately paid (Not underpaid or overpaid) and the Dev Team is satisfied that the issue will not happen again.

When will the internal exchange and withdrawals work smoothly

Answer: Once the resolution has been fully tested and enough simulations have been conducted to ensure that the exchange is working properly that is why Monetize has mentioned that Trading is also available on Yobit in the meantime.

when will the raffle be done?

Answer: This has been addressed many times and I am sure that it will be many more times. The Raffle will still be conducted once the retool is complete.

When will the buy back start?

Answer: Buy Backs have been conducted in the past, Markus has previously stated that buy backs are at the discretion of the Dev Team and may not be conducted every month as the coin was already in a limited supply; to further this thought: Markus also stated here that the Parent Company planned on owning at least 15% of the adNex tokens and that the only way to do so was to own MNZ Tokens and participate in the coming Airdrop just like everyone else so that it was a fair process.

When will we be listed on CMC?

Answer: This has been discussed many times, CMC has certain requirements to be listed, one of the main one is a daily trade volume which must be conducted on an external exchange. I know the next statement will be well there are a lot of crap coins listed on CMC that do not have high volume, but I assure you at one point they did just to get listed on CMC because of people’s perception of that prestigious listing then their trade volumes plummeted. I would say that the CMC listing will come once is launched and is recognized by CMC as an exchange at which point the daily trade volume of MNZ can be used for the listing purpose.

When will we stop being told that you guys are working on things?

Answer: Never because Monetize will always adapt instead of dying therefore one could deduce that work will never stop.

When will we stopped being told bugs are causing all this BS.

Answer: We can only tell you what there is to tell, no one from the Dev Team or Support staff is going to tell you something that is not true just to make you feel better and feel warm and cozy.

When will the man Markus email us and get involved on all the horrible things happening r your investors??????

Answer: Markus is involved on all the things going on albeit behind the scenes right now and as the Projects Lead Dev that’s where he should be and when there is substantial information to share and not just filler to make people feel better there will be an official update but currently that is what the Support Staff if for.
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