Money Money Money (mama mia) Erhu Cover

Erhu 1: Choong Shin Siang
Erhu 2: Wayson Koay
Zhonghu: Hau Han Zhang
Piano + Arrangement: Lee Chiau Hung
Camera man: Lim Qiu Rong
Audience: Penny Kho

Background story:
While taking a short holiday (on the weekend) to Kulai, Johor, the few of us decided to cover a song as we rarely have chance to meet with each other and play music together after we graduated from university. The theme of the trip is 反正都做工赚钱了. So we chose Money (x3) as the theme song, arranged the song to be playable by 1 zhonghu (melody), 2 erhu + 1 piano (accompaniment), practiced and recorded. The video is recorded using handphone and edited using opensource software. Enjoy!
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