MTG Arena “Core Set 2019 is LIVE! NPE, updated economy & ALL MONO RED ALL THE TIME!" w/ Venture

JoinDrVentureSr for some more Magic: The Gathering Arena shenanigans as we dive into the newly released Core Set 2019!

The hot new standard set has just been rolled into MTG Arena so we're jumping in to the update to see what's good. Aside from the M19 being added, we've got a New Player Experience that can be played through to earn Core Set 2019 cards as well as give you the basics of how to play MTG, both digitally and physically. There's language options aplenty as well as new payment methods to hemorrhage real money for non-transferable/recoupable in game money/gems. There's tweaks to the economy with the newly added Wild Card Tracker and the removal of The Vault as well as loads of other changes so let's find out what it's all about!

Hopefully we can pull a Nicol Bolas somewhere along the way....

Of course, be sure to pop in and say hi as we fumble through our matches and try to catch up on what's been going on, MTG or otherwise.

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