My new findings & thoughts. Justice for Junior- Lesandro Feliz Guzman

These are my own beliefs. Sorry for the lengthy video.. I will make a more brief one later in the day. My mind is constantly on this case. I feel very sad about everything.

Jose Muniz, 21 (apparently the uncle of the girl in the video with the men having sex with her.. of which Junior was mistaken as)

Joniki Martinez, 24 (identified in the video as Male in red with knife/machete. He took his red shirt off, white wife beater underneath)

Jose Tavares. 21(identified as the first to enter the store after Junior)

Manuel Rivera, 18 (bitch boy dyed his hair blonde after the attack but he is believed to be the guy running up toward the end in the Adidas joggers)

Santiago Rodriguez, 24

Danel Fernandez, 21 (Green durag/silky, helped drag Junior out)

Kevin Alvarez, 19 (entered store with black Champion hat and white shirt, helped drag Junior out)

Michael Reyes, age unknown, allegedly turned in by his mother in Dominican Republic (DR)

9th suspect arrested Elvin Garcia, 23 (I believe him to be the "masked" repeated stabber., MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi, : Apple MGKL2LL/A iPad Air 2 64GB, Wi-Fi , Frequently asked questions – Project Fi, LinkNYC | , Chevy Connectivity & Technology: Infotainment Sys, Making my Teen Step Sisters Fight for Cock - Part 1 , Frequently Asked Questions -, ♒︎ ♒, Hi-Fi 4 Sale - Malaysia, Singapore HiFi/Home Theater Ads ,
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