Nairobi National Museum

The National Museum
Located about 1.5 km from city center alongside Kipande Road is National Museum of Nairobi set in an imposing building surrounded with interesting sculptures, shady trees of Botanical Gardens and so called Snake Farm on the northern bank of Nairobi River. If you walk along Nairobi River, just for a stroll towards west, you will first reach John Michuki Memorial Park, then Snake Park and then Botanical Gardens and then National Museum.
The museum was initiated in 1910 by some interested naturalists during British rule and formally established at the present site in 1930 under the colonial government. Initially it was named Coryndon Museum after Robert Coryndon, former Governor of Kenya. After independence in 1963, its name was changed to National Museum. The Museum remained closed from Oct.2005 to June 2008 for refurbishing, expansion and modernization.
It displays Kenya’s history, culture, art and natural heritage in various halls. The exhibits include more than 1000 stuffed birds and mammals, fossils from Lake Turkana, ethnic displays from various Kenyan tribal groups, and exhibits of local art. The upper story has halls depicting Kenyan and East African history as well as cultural heritage of various tribes of Kenya. It is one of the best museums in Africa. Entry fee to the Museum is 1500 Shillings (15$) which includes entry fee to the adjacent Snake Park, a most ordinary show of few snakes, tortoise and crocodiles.

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