NASA has new findings from Mars and will tell us in a live discussion June 7

NASA has new findings from Mars and will tell us in a live discussion June 7

NASA has new findings from Mars and will tell us in a live discussion June 7

Shhh, NASA has some mysterious news about Mars.

The space agency will be holding a live discussion on Thursday, June 7, for the public and media to ask questions about "new science results" from NASA's Mars Curiosity rover.

The event will feature NASA's Paul Mahaffy, director of the Solar System Exploration Division, research scientist Jen Eigenbrode, as well as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's scientist Ashwin Vasavada and senior research fellow Chris Webster.

If you want to ask NASA a question, use #askNASA on Twitter.

The Curiosity rover recently made news when its team finally fixed the rover's drill used for analysing powdered rock samples that had stopped working in late 2016.

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