New Thriller horror Movies list 2018 | Best horror movies you can't miss in English by Top10 Koustav

Hello, welcome to Top10 Koustav. Horror is a terrible word. A Horror film is very shocked film and it's has psychological effect.
Generally, we mostly like to watch a horror movie.

We love to watch the horror movie, but we are afraid. So today I've shared top 10 terrible horror movies list. I've created this list based on my experience, so take it easy, friendly and for Entertainment. I hope you will like this list.

Now let's come to the point. So, take a look at this list -

#1 : A quiet place

#2 : The nun

#3 : Venom

#4 : Slender man

#5 : Winchester

#6 : Unsane

#7 : Halloween

#8 : The strangers : prey at night

#9 : ? ?

#10 : Wildling

So, these are the list of top 10 Hollywood horror movies.
Now you can tell me via comment, Which movie do you want to see ?
Leave your feedbacks,comments & opinions on the Comment box.

Thank you.

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