Njugush amewekewa Scratch & Win! Ep42 Pt2

The Real Househelps of Kawangware follows the lives of 4 househelps Awiti, Kalekye, Njambi and Trufena as they go through their daily routines in Kawangware.
'Ata Sijaskia Vibaya' Njugush Reacts After Scoring 63 , Comedian Njugush heartfelt message on why he treated his , The Funnniest Memes on the Internet Today (Friday October 30, YouTube, Kibaki's grandson being taught how to cook ugali and its , Senator Omanga, Speaker Muturi defend MP’s trip to Russia , Governor Awiti dethroned : The Stand, DJ Mixes music top 100 chart. Free MP3 download or listen , Dj Joe Mfalme Music - Free MP3 Download or Listen - Mdu, Oh, Just One Thing – Bikoz,
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