Organic Acids and Base Plus+ | Organic Chemistry I | Lesson 2.6 | Course Krackers

Organic Acids and Bases Plus+ | Acid & Base Summary Lesson | Lesson 2.5 | Course Krackers | 2018

After going through all the details and important features of acids and bases we now wrap it up with an application lesson to summarize all the knowledge and problem-solving skills in this application lesson.

The material covered in this Organic Chemistry lesson includes the following:
1. Bronsted / Lewis acids & Bases
2. Applications to Tests and Exams

This lesson is a part of a series of lessons on Organic acids and bases. If you need to brush up on your Bronsted and Lewis acids and bases please review the following videos:

Bronsted Lowry Acid & Base Theory | Alkanes | Lesson 2.1 | Course Krackers | 2018

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Lewis Acids & Bases Theory | Acid & Base | Lesson 2.3 | Course Krackers | 2018

6 Features Affecting Acid Strength | Acid & Base | Lesson 2.4 | Course Krackers | 2018

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A. Who is this course for? This Organic Chemistry I course is suitable for university, college and senior high school students.

Most of the material covered in this Introductory Organic Chemistry course is covered in the first semester of university or college at most academic institutions around the world. These lessons are also perfect for senior high school students who wish to have advanced preparation before attending university or college. Names for similar courses to this one would be: Organic Chemistry I, Introductory Organic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry for Life Sciences or Health Sciences, Pre-medical Organic Chemistry

B. Background required? How to use Course Kracker? We have assumed a basic background level in this course.

You will notice that any topics not included here can be found in other playlists, once they are created, on our YouTube Course Kracker channel. It is very important to browse through the independent playlists for more advanced or basic topics to improve your background knowledge for this course.

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