Proactive Community Case Management and Child Survival: new study findings and their applications

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Second of a series organised by the 'Community Health' CoP* (supported by Unicef), this webinar will introduce you to a new approach to supporting the impact of Community Health Workers: Proactive Community Case Management (ProCCM).

ProCCM builds off of global standards and, by sending CHWs door-to-door, aims to provide true universal coverage and to reach each patient early. A recent study found that ProCCM communities in periurban Mali have achieved the lowest rate of under-five mortality in sub-Saharan Africa for the past five years running, with an end-line under-five mortality rate of 7/1000. The current findings provide a case study for how the SDG for child survival could be imminently achievable, even in some of the world’s most challenging settings.

Speaker: Ari Johnson
Ari Johnson, MD, is co-founder and CEO of Muso, and Assistant Professor at the University of California San Francisco, Global Health Sciences. Over the past twelve years, Ari has supported Muso to design and build Proactive Community Case Management, a strategy for solving the global child mortality crisis. In the process, Ari has become a global expert on the design of community-based health systems that reduce mortality and increase equity.

Introduced by Sanghita Bhattacharyya (Public Health Specialist, Public Health Foundation of India & Centre for Population Health and Development, New Delhi, India)
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