Reality's Backdoor 1-01 The Runaway


This is Part 1 Episode 1 of Reality's Backdoor. All finished episodes and print copies can be seen and read at

About Reality's Backdoor: Something is bugging out with a game character, Lily. She is well meaning but surrounded by destruction, mayhem and situations she cannot rap her mind around. Will she ever find someone like her, is it possible? Lily is faced with a reality she must learn to understand if she is to survive.

Buildings are linked by hidden tunnels, a hotel full of people is quarantined, no one but Lily can see that five percent of the population has been replaced with clockwork automatons, Lily suspects she has had a body transplant from the neck, down, invisible groups attach torture devices to people, these things barely begin to describe the current circumstances Lily finds herself in.

This is a public driven story project, relying on word-of-mouth, please share it with friends, like, subscribe and leave a comment. If you have any questions about the story please email or leave it in a comment. And thank you!

Illustrators, animators, filmmakers, are you up for the challenge?

Warning: Some of the material in this episode may not be appropriate for young audiences. This series may encourage you to live an adventurous life full of satisfaction. A flexible way of interpreting reality is advised. Nullius in verba.
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