Russia: French players ‘focused’ ahead of World Cup final with Croatia

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French footballers Samuel Umtiti and Paul Pogba talked about their upcoming match with Croatia in the World Cup final during a press conference in the Russian town of Istra on Thursday.

"We are preparing for this game in order to be ready to clash with players like Luka Modric and Mandzukic and also Ivan Rakitic who I know very well. They have a very good team so it depends on us to be really focused like we were during our last games," Samuel Umtiti said.

“I know the taste of defeat in a final and it's really unpleasant, very bitter,” Pogba said, adding “we really want this to end well, with a smile, to see France overjoyed.”

France take on Croatia in the World Cup final at Moscow's Luzhniki stadium on 15 July.

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