SCREAM DEEP DIVE: Critique, Appreciation, And Worship Of A Stunningly Postmodern Horror Franchise

This week we're SCREAMing our heads off. Off the cuff! No script! No bullet points! Who needs 'em?! THE GENIUS OF THE SCREAM FRANCHISE IS STARTLINGLY OBVIOUS TO ME!!!

I considered the contributions of NEW NIGHTMARE (1994) before making my claims in the video, but then resorted to viewing NEW NIGHTMARE as Wes Craven's first flirtations with postmodern techniques with Scream being his ultimate statement on those concepts.

I love the Scream franchise and I consider the original 1996 SCREAM to be one of the most transformative, inventive, and killer slasher films ever made.

In this video, I lovingly explain why SCREAM (1996) is a legend. We dive deep into Sidney Prescott and Billy Loomis. I reveal the pure mastery lurking behind the shameless self-reference.

SCREAM (1996) is a masterwork and one of the finest American horror films ever made! NO QUESTION ABOUT IT! SCREAM (1996) is an American thing of beauty.

I absolutely, positively ADORE this franchise. SCREAM always has meant a lot to me and it always will.

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