Sirius Sing-Along Kids Disc 3 - All Songs (CD ROM, 1993)

Sirius Pub Inc. Sing-Along Kids CD-ROM volume 3 (1993, Windows 3.1). Featuring the Phoenix Boys Choir.

There was an old lady
Dry bones
Nobody likes me
She waded in the water
Oh, you can't get to heaven
Found a peanut
Boom, boom, ain't it great to be crazy
There's a hole in my bucket
Oh, susanna
Do your ears hang low?

Volume 1:
Volume 2:
Volume 3:

I noticed this piece of software wasn't yet recorded and uploaded to youtube. So you guys, enjoy this nostalgic karaoke CD ROM from 1993. Recorded in Dosbox running Windows 3.1.

These Sirius Sing-Along Kids CD ROMS (Volume 1,2 and 3) came bundled with 3 other classic CD ROM games such as:

Lenny's Music Toons
Gus Goes to Cybertown
Our House with the Family Circus.

All pretty fun classic old kids games.

These games can be played using Dosbox and Windows 3.1.

Ik kwam er achter dat deze drie Sing-Along software CD Roms nog niet op youtube stonden, dus bij deze deel 3. ;)

Uitgegeven door © Sirius Pub. Inc. 1993
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