SPEEDOZER (BE) - Interview & Live - Manchester Punk Festival 2018 - MPRV News

We caught up with Belgian punkers SPEEDOZER discussing Belgian beer versus English beer, touring, their upcoming vinyl split coming out later in 2018, and their 10 year anniversary in 2019, smelly farts...and more! Includes footage from their set at the Manchester Punk Festival 2018

One of the best punk festivals in the UK, the Manchester Punk Festival - April 2018 - three days of music and smiling faces (and a few drinks!) over several venues.

We couldn't cover all the bands playing #MPF2018 , but MPRV News tried to capture as many as we could, along with the spirit of the festival - and some of the great music on offer. Have a watch, see live footage, audience interaction with the bands (and their antics!), pyramids, stage diving and crowd surfing, and a few bits of interviews and talking with the crowd who came along

Best watched in full HD...

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