The Future of Work: "The People-Centered Economy - The New Ecosystem for Jobs"

This video presents the vision of a future innovation economy, where
1. people work with people they like
2. are valued by people they don't know
3. provide for the people they love.
THIS must be the goal for innovation.
This is what can be achieved by a "People-centered economy", a paradigm shift that goes from seeing value in things to seeing value in people. Today we say "We need people to do these valuable things". A people-centered economy says "We need things that make these people valuable". The people-centered economy is not only more friendly to humans, it is also more powerful than the economy we have today, which it can outcompete. People-power beats thing-power.

i4j Innovation for Jobs is a community of 500 thought leaders, co-founded and co-chaired by Vint Cerf (co-inventor of the Internet) and David Nordfors. Since 2012, i4j thought leaders have been discussing how innovation can give all people better jobs (instead of discussing "the robots are coming for our jobs!").
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