They just came out with a new MEGAMAN! As kids the music got you pumped, nothing has changed!

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Page: they just don\u0027t write like that anymore, they just don\u0027t know, they just keep getting younger, they just strut, they just do whatever the constitution says, they just don\u0027t know lyrics, they just had one job, they just took them msn, they just kept on filming, they just took them, they just strut lyrics, they just adore me, they just want attention, they just kept recording, they just got flashed, they just didn\u0027t care, they just don\u0027t understand, they just won\u0027t go away joe buck quotes, they just don\u0027t know gyft, they just don\u0027t get it, they just want my money, they just don\u0027t know ringtone, they just have to die,

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