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The top 10 foreign horror movies on Netflix right now come from a wide range of countries like Spain, South Korea and Jordan. These are not only some of the Best Horror Movies on Netlfix, they are some of the absolute best movies on Netflix right now and truly some of the best horror movies to have been released in the past few years.

Because these films were not successful here in the U.S., Netflix is able to more easily obtain distribution rights here allowing them to distribute some of the worlds best horror movies. The great thing about foreign horror movies is that even if you're not big on reading subtitles, the horror movie genre typically features less dialogue than most other genres allowing you to focus more on the visual. If you're a horror movie fan and haven't really explored foreign horror on Netflix, this list is a great place to start. Every single movie recommendation on this list is a great one and well worth your time.

Top 10 Foreign Horror Movies on Netflix:
1. Train to Busan (South Korea)
2. The Wailing (South Korea)
3. Raw (France)
4. Under the Shadow (Jordan)
5. The Bar (Spain)
6. Ravenous (French Canadian)
7. Veronica (Spain)
8. I Remeber You (Iceland)
9. Rec 4: Apocalypse (Spain)
10 Baskin (Turkey)

Train to Busan vs. World War Z

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