Top 7 Most Expensive Pets in WoW - And How to Farm Them!

Today we're looking at the 7 most expensive farmable battle pets in WoW. We're ignoring TCG pets because you can't farm them, and those you get from pet battles because not everyone likes doing that.

Head out to Timeless Isle and grab some Mogu Runes of Fate. They'll let you double your chance later on. While you're at the timeless isle, feel free to farm the Jadefire Spirit, which sells for 100k to 300k gold, and the Spineclaw Crab, which sells for 400k to 1.5 million gold. Feast of the Fishes helps.

My Route:
First, I go to Antoran Wastes in Argus in order to spawn the daily boss Mother Rosula. She has a 7% drop chance for the Rebellious Imp. 100-400k. If you do this daily, expect 2 a month.

Next I go to the WoD dungeon, Heroic Upper Blackrock Spire. To the right of the second boss, The Lanticore occasionally spawns. We're running this just to see if he's up. If he is, you got yourself a Lanticore Spawnling. 100k-250k

Then, I go and do my Tol Barad dailies. This isn't quite as profitable so I didn't include it in the video, but it's consistent. By doing the Tol Barad dailies, you can farm the Fox Kit Pup worth 100k in 2 weeks or the Rustberg Gull worth 20-50k in 4-5 days.

My favorite farm though is Molten Front. After a long quest chain in Hyjal and two weeks of dailies, you can get one Zen'vorka's cache a day. This has a 5% chance to give a Searing Scorchling. Heavily gated farms like this are almost always super profitable, and this pet isn't an exception. 200k-600k on the auction house.

I finish up with doing the Mist of Pandaria LFR raids. Halls of Flesh shaping LFR is the only way to get the Living Fluid battle pet and it's worth 100k-350k. Son of Animus also drops here. The downfall of garrosh hellscream wing is another good one since it drops two 100k pets, the Blackfuse Bombling and Kovok.

I didn't include the Crawling Claw because, well, it's Archeaology and you can only get 1 per character. There's so much randomness with that one that I can't promise consistent gold, but it does sell for upwards of 1 million gold on some servers.

If you enjoy pet battles, do the Tanaan Jungle lap and the dungeons. Everliving spore is massively expensive at 500k to 2.5m, and the Seaborne Spore sells for 200k. You can get a few a month if you get into a grove.

Last thing to add is, go check out It's not only a great resource, but let's you see the value of your current pet collection, and any duplicates you have.
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