WHAT!? Camera Caught Soul Leaving This Man's Body...

WHAT?! Camera Caught Soul Leaving This Man's Body...


One of the oldest questions in human history is – what exactly happens when we die? What happens with our consciousness? No matter what you believe in, what you’re about to watch is certainly going to make you question everything. Welcome to another episode from Top 5 Supreme. Today’s we’re bringing you What?? Camera Caught Soul Leaving This Man’s Body! Now make sure you watch this video until the end, because number 1 will certainly surprise you! Before we get started with today’s video don’t forget to click the bell to get notified every single day with the best Top’s you’ll ever see. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel. So let’s get rolling!

#5 Mistake Made on a Motorcycle

Check out this first video that takes place in Thailand back in 2016. What we have is a busy intersection, where you can see lots of traffic going each direction at some pretty high speeds. What occurs here is unfortunate and caught by CCTV. A motorcycle tried collided with a semi-truck going at a high rate of speed. Unfortunately, the rider on the bike passes away. As onlookers and passersby’s attempt to help, you can see a black shadowy figure appear to stand over the body, and then disappear before you know it. Could this have been this poor man’s soul?

#4 Homeless in Japan

Not much is known about this next video except for the fact that it comes from Japan, sometime within the last year or so. But you’re watching is a homeless man who lays down for the final time, in what appears to be under a bridge. The footage is captured by CCTV. Just a few moments into the video you’ll see what appears to be this man’s soul sit up from his body, before eventually standing, looking at his physical form one last time, and then turn around and walk away. You can only imagine what was going through this guys head on this final, fated day.

#3 Hospital Bed

Check out number 3. What you have is a guy sitting on a hospital bed, and unfortunately for him, the worst has happened. A team of doctors and nurses who rushed in to try and save his life have failed, and he lays lifeless there all by himself. But then, look at what happens next. Again, caught by closed circuit television, you see what appears to be the man’s soul rise right up out of his body. Did you see it? There. Now what could this possible be, if not for his soul? You certainly can’t believe that all of this is just made up. It’s intriguing and it’s scary and it’s fascinating, all at the same time. Just keep watching though because we’re just getting started.

#2 Car Crash

Let’s move on to number 2. What we have is the scene of a car accident. You can see people sitting on the curb, and first responder vehicles in the area. The person who was hit and that was forced into the most critical of conditions is already in the back of that red ambulance. Then, there, in a flash, you can see what appears to be the man’s soul in that common, dark shadowy figure standing there at the tail end of the ambulance. We have good reason – based on the research that we’ve done – that that in fact is a representation of that person’s soul. But, what do you think? Is that even possible? Before you get outta here, be sure to leave us a comment and let us know exactly how you feel.

#1 Hospital CCTV

In our final clip you get CCTV footage from 2014. Not much is known about the person involved in this one, so we apologize about that. But it’s clearly what can be seen, and I’ll leave it up to your interpretation as to what you think it is. In a hospital room you’ll quickly see what appears to be a ghost or a soul escape from this person’s body. So what do you think? Ghost’s? Souls? Something else? Be sure to let us know how you feel in the comments section. And that is today’s video. If you like today’s video leave a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Also don’t forget to subscribe to this channel so you never have to miss out on any of our interesting videos ever again.

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