What We Do At Manifesto Beats [£4 Beat]: [Manifesto Beats Hip Hop Instrumental]

Manifesto Beats Hip Hop Instrumental

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What We Do At Manifesto Beats [£4 Beat]

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Manifesto Beats create HipHop beats for young and old Producers included in the team are Carl Entwistle, and Jonathan Arrandale whom are from Ashton and Oldham in Greater Manchester, England.

We use the Machine Mk1 and Logic Pro X for creating our Instrumentals and we are always trying to develop and push the boundaries of our style. We often refer to the music that we create as Fred West Murder Music, which is music to murder too. This is a reoccurring joke between the both of us, so when a Manifesto beat is so different we acknowledge that the serial killer Fred West must have helped us create that piece of work. We create a wide variety of music from corporate jingles, to scores for T.V. and films.

If you like our music feel free to contact us or leave feedback.
If you are a rapper and want to use our beats check out our website or email us. We offer leased and exclusive beats to all our clients to cater to all their production needs.

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