Why Is Nobody Talking About This Video... !?

Why Is Nobody Talking About This Footage... !?


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#5 Scary Rhino

The black rhino – who’s existence is being threatened all across the world – is an ancient animal. Unfortunately poachers are keen to the ivory horn these beautiful animals daunt, so the population dwindles more and more each year. But check out this clip. Back in 2014 on the Safari Wildlife reserve, an SUV got too close to this angry animal. Watch as this disturbed rhino comes running from behind some brush, attacking a group of tourists. Imagine being trapped in that car! I don’t know about you, but it would only take one attack like that to make me never want to take another adventure like that ever again.

#4 Wooly Mammoth

So usually when they say an animal is extinct, then that means you typically don’t see that animal – alive at least – anymore. However you know the great old adage, never say never, right? Check out this next clip that features what some experts claim to be – an extinct wooly mammoth. Now the thing is, the belief is man killed off the entire lot of wooly mammoth over 10 thousand years ago. Their long tusks made of ivory and thick fur coats were used for everything from weapons to clothing, and according to experts, they should all be gone an forgotten. Then, why do some researchers claim that some wooly mammoths are still out there? Including this one, crossing a river in Siberia? Leave us a comment with your best answer.

#3 Undead

Check out this next clip. While a group of explorers were exploring caves in an undisclosed location, one brave soul wanted to do a little extra digging. While approaching the next cave on the list – the gentlemen shines his flashlight into the dark area before he makes his way inside – and sees something that is completely scary and downright frightening. You can see what appears to be an undead person – or perhaps even an alien – struggling to get up. It even looks like the creature is reaching out for help, but if you think like me – ain’t no way I’m helping an alien survive anything. As a matter of fact, if that were me, you’d have to get me home as soon as possible!

#2 Hurrican Harvey

Hurrican Harvey landed in the US in 2017, and some of the things that happened after are pretty scary. In December of 2017, on the coast of Texas, some pretty scary animals were washed up on the shore after the hurricane departed. This thing. This scary looking animal, who had dozens of razor sharp teeth, laid dead on the shore. Beachgoers and locals from the town came in droves to see firsthand this crazy, scary looking animal. Some experts say it could be a type of eel, but unfortanely no one really knows what exactly it is. With that being said, how many people are still up for a swim, knowing these things are out there?

#1 When Gorillas Attack

Imagine being on your honeymoon, taking in some wildlife and all of a sudden – you’ve been shoved down by a wild gorilla? That’s exactly what happened in this next clip. In this clip taken back in March of 2017, Emma Gotstriphs husband was taking video of a group of wild apes. And then the unthinkable happened .. . one of the animals took charge at his wife and shoved her to the ground. Fortunately for those two, she wasn’t really hurt bad, but this could’ve ended in a really bad manner. And that is today’s video. If you like today’s video leave a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Also don’t forget to subscribe to this channel so you never have to miss out on any of our interesting videos ever again.

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