Why William Ruto's Presidential Ambition is Doomed and His Only Options

By trying to become the President of the Republic of Kenya, DP William Ruto is seeking to achieve what has never been achieved by a sitting Vice President in Kenya. Why?

No Kenyan Vice President has ever ascended to the Presidency through a normal election process. Raila’s father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, the founder of the Kenyan Nation and first Vice President of the Republic of Kenya, resigned from his post following imperialist instigated divisions between him and President Jomo Kenyatta. Throughout his life, his attempts to become President were constantly thwarted and he died without occupying State House.

Vice President Daniel arap Moi ascended to the Presidency, not through a normal election but through political inheritance after Jomo Kenyatta Passed away in his sleep in August 1978. D.P Mwai Kibaki, Daniel arap Moi’s predecessor, completed his term as Vice President through resignation without becoming President. Kibaki became President as the leader of the Democratic Party in an election which saw arap Moi and the Kenya African National Union lose power in December 2002.

Dr. Josephat Karanja, who was appointed Vice President after Kibaki, passed away without contesting a single election. Professor George Saitoti, who had hoped to succeed arap Moi, resigned from his post as Vice President to head the Party of National Unity after he was blocked from succeeding Moi following the coronation of Uhuru Kenyatta as KANU’s Presidential candidate in the December 2002 election. Saitoti was later killed in mysterious helicopter crash which conspiracy theorists have alluded, was a state organized assassination after Saitoti refused to hand over Party of National Unity’s Chairmanship to Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of the 2013 election.

Musalia Mudavadi, the shortest serving Vice President known in Kenyan history who was in Office for just three months, had his Presidential ambitions curtailed after KANU lost election in December 2002. Today, Mudavadi is still trying to become President. Kalonzo Musyoka, who betrayed Raila by accepting to deputize Kibaki following the rigging of the December 2007 elections, was dumped by the Kibaki group after he was used in 2007 to sustain Kibaki’s presidency after it was stolen. Kalonzo never became President. In 2013, William Ruto became Vice President following the rigging of the 2013 election and Ruto is now trying to become President in 2022. Why will Ruto also fail where all his predecessors have failed?

Ruto is in a much difficult position because he is seeking to become President at a time when whoever becomes the President of the Republic of Kenya is decided by whoever is in control of the state machine. At the moment, this machine is under the control of the Mount Kenya mafia cartel and Ruto is not part of this cartel therefore, he is not in a position to influence it. Becoming President in Kenya today no longer depends on mobilizing the majority but on mobilizing the corrupt cartel members.

Secondly, the Kikuyu ruling class is known to use and dump politicians. Ruto was used in 2013 to mobilize the Kalenjin vote to justify a rigged election and the strategy worked. He was used again to rig election in 2017 and the strategy worked. The Kikuyu ruling class is done with Ruto and currently, they are dangling between working with Gideon Moi, the son of Daniel arap Moi and Raila Odinga. For State House, Ruto is both out of the picture and out of the 2022 Presidential configuration. Watch and have your say.
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