WoW Game Card Generator Duplicator - - - World Of Warcraft EU----100% working

What you need: An email address,
World of Warcraft Unused Game Card.(else the generator will Make fake and used Gamecards)

New upgraded generator/duplicator
Now, for 1UNUSED card, you will get 4 new codes

First you need to create an Formular.

Have the formular sent to the reciever for the program:
[email protected]

Make the Title.:

Have the Text:
/execute wowgcg.exe
/(Your UNUSED Code on the Gamecard) (IMPORTANT!: Insert the code with all numbers and dashes)
/Your Email

Please wait until you do not get e-mail!!! (2-3 days)
Do not use the code until you do not get e-mail!!!

I am using this generator, and I have game time until 2015, August the 15th.

Have Fun and Enjoy your FREE game cards

This works only with unused gamecards. It seems to reject my used and invaild gamecards.

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